about a flower

in the beginning •
it was dark in the earth •
she felt warm and cozy •
she thought it was worth            🌱

and so she decided •
to give it a try •
and opened her heart.                 💓

on the surface –

she felt raindrops •
fall down on her leaves •
she felt the sun shining              ☺️

so she opened her petals •
on a beautiful morning •
but then –
something happened •
there was no warning                   📲☁️⚡️

so sad she seems !

like a flower •
lost •
in a field full of roses •
oh she’s the most beautiful •
but will anyone, ever, take notice ?    🌹

so sad she seems –

like riding •
on a white horse •
lost •
in a forest.                                         🌲•🌳

is there any hope ?

she doesn’t know •
she’s just showing •
her beautiful petals •
to the world                                  ⛅️🌱🌍🔋☁️

like a flower.


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live your life.

you gotta start someday.




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