welcome @dynamions.

a startup developing easy-to-use, free Business Dynamics applications.

combining Balanced Scorecards and Scenario Variations.

all plug&play!

Dynamic Applications – Dynamions.

my startup.

Dynamic Applications

This website will open 2015-12-25 for the Public World.

You are one of the first Visitors.

please check our twitter account, @dynamions, for news.

predicted desire v1.0 - bakery - Teaser

Develop finance, technology, and environment simulations in Business Dynamics. Change input values over Time. Design Balanced Scorecards. Apply Scenario Variations. Solve questions of Complexity in an increasingly automized world. A world starting into the age of ubiquitous, surplus information. Be able to understand.

Add 1+1 together.

predicted desire v1.0 - bakery - balanced scorecard

We are developing our first product, “predicted desire”, a Business Dynamics simulation.

We are focussing on simplicity, perfection, transparency, and user-friendly design.

predicted desire v1.0 - bakery - Preview

would you like among the first to download predicted desire p|d v1.0 from 25-12-2016?

free of charge? –

join our newsletter. You’ll be notified. You’ll join the first group. The group of free pilot customers..

dynamic applications - predicted desire - about

stay tuned.


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