Shall there be Families.


Remember this Day.


Verflucht aber sei, wer das Recht des Fremdlings, der Witwe, und der Waisen beugt.

5. Buch Mose, Kap. 27, Vers 19.


Shall there be Families, aye say.




2 thoughts on “Shall there be Families.

  1. Background was a Letter from the Town‘s Health Office, claining that due to assumed increased risk of infection within the children‘s classroom, all those children should stay at their Parent‘s Home, with both Parents adressed. Well you know, some times in life, as man does it, you do it wrong.

    I screamed from the Top of my Lungs, like i haven‘t in years, when they put hands on me to carry me to the Police Van. Both officers alsmost let me fall, instantly. So you see, in the end what remains is hoe important it could be to turn it all in to a good story.

    In the end, Word was what remained from us.

    our world.

    So we are all humane beings, these days, in a way.

    In the beginning, there was a word. Corona.
    The Name is Program, here we saye.

    sorry for shading in to Privacy Protection, today.


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