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The Author is living in central western Europe, with a small family, including their 5-year-old child, and working as an advisor for regulatory and strategic asset management questions in the mid-european energy market. All opinions expressed are personal. No harm intended.

Feel free to comment everything on a fair and content-related basis. I am happy to see another point of view, even if completely different or contradictionary.


Martin Bernhardt.
Helpuper Str. 314a
D-33818 Leopoldshoehe

European Union.

(m) +49 15 25 35 26 101
(e) martin.bernhardt.2002@web.de

Disclaimer. Should there be obligations with content supplied at any point, please let me know. It can surely be removed on author’s request.

Please note the detailed AGB (Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer) for this Website.


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@mydarkstar: Martin Bernhardt. (progress, technology, society & democracy developments, politics, renewable energy, nature. free personal thoughts.)

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Martin Hochzeit Fachwerk

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