Piratenpartei Leopoldshöhe gibt bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE heraus

Die Piratenpartei Leopoldshöhe gibt ein Bürgerliches Grundeinkommen #BGE in Höhe von 2,50 Euro heraus. Continue reading

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Originally posted on Dynamic Applications:
This website will open 2015-12-25 for the Public World. You are one of the first Visitors. please check our twitter account, @dynamions, for news. Develop finance, technology, and environment simulations in Business Dynamics. Change input values…

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Social Styles Model – und welcher Typ sind Sie?

Warum sind wir, wie wir sind? – wie verhalten wir uns in bestimmten Situationen? – was macht einen Typ glücklich, oder unglücklich? – gerade im Berufsleben können wir uns die Kollegen nicht immer aussuchen. 1. der Analyst 2. der Chef … Continue reading

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about motivation, creativity, and successful employee development

ever felt that you got so many ideas, but nobody is able to understand you? this is about the key to innovation in every one of us. a recommendation for everyone interested in creating a work environment for motivated, creative, … Continue reading

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future. and we’re heading directly towards.

future. in a children’s tale. a novel. my novel.

automated machines, based on internet technology, shall answer all our questions. like an early prototype, called google.

later, … Continue reading

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