about motivation, creativity, and successful employee development

ever felt that you got so many ideas, but nobody is able to understand you?

this is about the key to innovation in every one of us.

a recommendation for everyone interested in creating a work environment for motivated, creative, and solution-finding employees.

a couple of years ago, reading this document meant a lot for me, as it helped me to understand the hostile or dismissive behaviour of others – against new ideas – better. so maybe this is for you as well.

an excellent piece of thought. but get your own picture:


Nauta-200610.pdf – key to innovation?

to make my point very clear:

after reading it multiple times, i am convinced that this article points out a development method for basically everyone. So this is really about developing new ideas through motivated employees, not about having got a high IQ in the first place.

You don’t agree? – read this (german) article and make up your mind.

Der IQ als Mittel bei der Personalauswahl?

original article from & thx to triplenine.org, a website done by extremely intelligent people (999 others = 1 from 1000). Back in 2012, they got a page where accepted members could post anything they want. This is where i found that article, above.




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